There’s more to the Honor Guard than just a fancy uniform. When the Honor Guard is called upon to perform, it is usually too late to start practicing. Therefore, the members of the Honor Guard dedicate their time to train and drill in advanced preparation for any type of ceremony they may be asked to participate in. The team practices up to three times monthly, with the expectation that when requested, they can perform flawlessly with crisp and precise execution.

Starting a tradition or simply keeping a tradition alive does not just happen by mistake. It takes the effort of everyone involved; from the members of the Honor Guard, to the members of the organization as well as the city officials.

The original members of the North Port Honor Guard are FF/EMT Richard Yarnall, FF/EMT Kevyn Bosma, FF/Paramedic Gaston Balzan, Lt. Ron Jekonski, Capt. James Woods, FF/EMT Scott Lane, FF/EMT Shawn Neeley, and our Baggpiper FF/Paramedic Famke Thomas. Within the first year, FF/Paramedic Casey Kelch also joined the team. These individuals have dedicated there time to making the North Port Honor Guard what it is today.