ShowImageThe services of the Honor Guard are not limited to just Fire Department functions. The Honor Guard participates in community functions as well. The North Port Honor Guard has been involved in numerous venues such as:

  • Community Parades
  • Community Celebrations
  • Posting Colors at Local High School Football Games
  • Local Business Grand Openings
  • Funerals

The Honor Guard has also supported other civic organizations by participating in their memorials and ceremonies as well.

Each Honor Guard is as individual as the members that they are comprised of, but the uniforms personify them and provide them with our unique identity as a single unit with no regard to normal fire department ranks. From the jacket, pants, shirt and hat, to the badge which reads “Honor Guard”, every aspect of their uniforms selected collectively as a team.

When they perform or conduct an event, they want to stand out from the crowd. If they are working with other agencies’ honor guards, they want to have a look different from the rest. Think of it in terms of high school colors; every school has colors that distinguish that school from other schools. The same applies to the Honor Guard uniform.